5 Tips For Maintaining Stone Floors

Talk to your commercial cleaning company about how to best maintain your stone and hard tile floors.

Natural stone, hard tile and grout are porous in varying degrees and, as a result, require special care. To protect your investment, consider these proven and safe methods for cleaning and preserving your stone and hard tile floors:

Regular sweeping and vacuuming is the most important step. Remove loose dirt, salt and abrasive soil to protect floor from scratches.

Mop daily with a neutral PH stone cleaner (and not general purpose cleaners) with warm water.

Consider mats and area rugs in high traffic areas.

Depending on the traffic, have your stone floors deep cleaned by a commercial building maintenance company at least once or twice per year with a high pressure truck mount system which is the most effective and efficient method. Don’t wait for the floors to actually look dirty because abrasives and heavy dirt may have already caused permanent damage. The best way to help prevent and minimize stains is to treat cleaned surfaces with a silicone impregnator/sealer.

Click here to request a more detailed guide to stone, hard tile and grout maintenance from Total Services Corp., a Boston Metrowest commercial cleaning company. Or, call Dean Romanow at 508-479-9988 for a free floor care demonstration and consultation.

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